Practice Information

Established Architectural Practice.

The practice was established in 1984. It is located at Fortwilliam, on the Antrim Road, Belfast. Since then we have established a more local network of contacts across a large part of Northern Ireland.

The contacts on this site are to:

  • Architects;

  • Landscape Architects;

  • Architectural Technologists.

They are all qualified, and all have over a decades experience.

Links from this site will be to qualified professionals.

We do not employ unqualified juniors, so the person you meet will be the person designing your project, or people of equal standing. They will be qualified.

We link with other professional advisers to offer you the service you require.

When employing an Architect experience and qualification matter.

Building projects are major investments. The designer is key to the success of the project.  If the design is poor, and ill considered, then no matter how good the builder the results will be disappointing and you will have spent your money ineffectively.  Also your architect, or designer, works for you and helps you obtain competitive tenders and value for money.Investing in Architectural consultation can save on construction costs.

Flexible Working Ethos.

Not only do we coordinate teams of professionals to offer you the service and expertise you need, but how we work is different from many practices. We try to be available so you can contact us at any time. Not just during the day, but also at evenings and at weekends. Times when you yourself are not working.

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Design and Build.

We can offer you a Design and build option. On these occasions we work through the contractor to provide you with the building you need. This can be a good option on larger commercial projects where time is critical.

Design Matters.

Design is more than appearance. It is how a structure is built and how it functions. All buildings represent a major financial commitment. The need to optomise design applies as equally to an extension to a house, the design of a new house, an office refurbishment, the design of a factory, a hotel, or a nursing home. Design is primarily functional. Architects are key to getting the best return for that investment. It takes Architects seven years to qualify, and their work puts them in constant contact with the Planning Service, Building Control, Rivers Agency, Service Providers and the myriad other Statutory Bodies

Development seems complicated, because it is complicated. All the pieces have to come together and be coordinated, that is the role of the Architect.

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