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Architectural visualisation of office for Decora, Lisburn, County Antrim.

A.L.D.A. Architects Office Developments and refurbishment.

Good office design can improve both productivity and clients’ perception of your business. An office environment is more than just an efficient use of space, though that is important.

Your staff are your most important resource. Do they like their working environment? Do you? The needs of employees are often as important as the detailed networking of computers and equipment, yet often their requirements are overlooked. Ergonomics, colour, lighting, heating and layout are important factors in determining how your staff work, cooperate and network. They all influence productivity and your employees sense of well being. In addition there are numerous considerations such as disabled access, health & safety, means of escape in case of fire, etc. that cannot be ignored.

A.L.D.A. Architects have considerable experience in both the design, and refurbishment, of offices. The practice has designed Call Centres, Credit Unions, Council Offices, and offices for manufacturers and service industry professionals.

For large developments, or schemes where speed is of prime importance, we can offer a design and build service.

Phone an Architect to design your office.

Architect Designed Offices Magherafelt, County Londonderry.

Office Design.

Good office design creates the

  • right working environment;

  • an efficient use of space;

  • helps boost profitability, and;

  • improves the public perception of your business.


Getting it right is a good investment.

We can assist you if you are considering any of the following;

  • Constructing office space to let;

  • Obtaining a change of use for an existing building;

  • Refurbishing an existing building;

  • Fitting out a call centre and coordinating the necessary services.

  • Upgrading the image of a business.

Design & Build.

We offer a design and build service by working in conjunction with major contractors. This is particularly important when definite completion dates are of the utmost importance, or you wish to have a fixed price contract.

Office Design Consultant

Architectural visualisation, Decora Office entrance, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.Architectural Visualisation, Offices Lisburn, Co. Antrim.
Call centre Belfast Co. AntrimArchitect designed Council Offices, Magherafelt, County Londonderry.
Credit Union AntrimCredit Union Antrim
 Credit Union AntrimBoard Room Credit Union Antrim