Housing Developments.

A.L.D.A. Architects Housing Developments.

The practice has considerable experience in designing housing developments. We have designed:

  • conventional housing developments,

  • apartment developments,

  • sheltered housing,

  • infill developments,

  • mixed use developments,

  • projects involving change of use and renovation of existing buildings. 

We have designed projects ranging in size from several houses to those involving over a hundred dwellings.

In the current economic climate the financial assessment of a project is of the utmost importance. We can assist in this assessment and the maximisation of a sites potential. This can help clarify feasibility at an early stage and inform investment decisions. We can also provide not only the conventional Architectural Service also work in tandem with a builder to provide a design and build fixed price contract.

Housing development Antrim Road Belfast Co. Antrim

Apartment development Antrim Road Belfast Co. Antrim

Apartment and housing project Belfast County Antrim

Housing development Carrickfergus County Antrim

Sheltered hosing Belfast Co. Antrim

Shop & Apartment development Castlereagh Road Belfast Co. Down

Architect designed husing development Antrim Road, Belfast.