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Considering a house extension? Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. have designed numerous.

Considering refurbishment of your home, require an extra bedroom for a growing family, or an enlarged, modern kitchen?  Do you have a disabled, or aging, relative and must modify to accommodate? Whatever the type of home improvement Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. can design it.

The design requirement may be a practical requirement based on family needs. Done properly it will make a major difference to your lifestyle, and it will add value to your home.

House Extension Jordanstown, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim.

Phone A.L.D.A. Architects not a builder.

If you require a house extension in Belfast the first person you should contact is an Architect. Architects design the project, and detail the construction. Builders cannot give you a proper quote unless you have some of  these documents. It is the Architect's job to try and rationalise your requirements, and make them work.. That is the Architect's skill, and it takes 7 years to qualify. Most builders do not have these abilities.

Some builders offer an in-house design service. For small projects this can be a bad idea. The cost of the drawings are then included in the overall build cost. You will be paying, but just less obviously. Importantly, the person producing the drawings is then primarily acting for the builder, and not you!

 It is essential to ensure that you obtain competitive tenders as build cost is around 95% of the overall cost of a project. How can this happen if the builder is designing and building?  How do you obtain comparable quotes? Phone an Architect first, it could well save you costs by ensuring proper competitive tendering.

House extension Belfast? Phone A.L.D.A. Architects Belfast.

You can phone A.L.D.A. Architects at evenings and weekends.

We realise that many of you work during the day, and have busy schedules. Therefore we make ourselves available in evening and at weekends. We endeavour to fit in to your schedule and not you to ours. In many areas our initial meeting at your house is at our expense, and free to you. This enables us to properly assess your requirements, without placing you under any commitment..

If you need an Architect to design any of the following types of house extensions in Belfast or across Northern Ireland then why not phone us.

  • House Extension.

  • Loft Conversion.

  • Kitchen extension

  • Additional living space.

  • Modify for disabled use.

  • Granny flat.

  • Additional bedrooms.

  • Renovations & repairs.

Whatever the type of house extension Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. can design it to suit your requirements.

Below are links to some of our work in various areas. It is not an exhaustive list as we work in County Fermanagh Tyrone, Londonderry, Armagh as well as Antrim and Down.

We have tried to vary the content in the above links to give an impression of the finished result and the service we can offer, from computer visualisations to working drawings. For anyone on a tight budget our basic, no frills service really is good value!

Phone 07769225997 any time; we work flexible hours.

Do I need Planning and Building Control Approval?

Most extensions to dwellings require both Planning Permission and Building Control Approval.

  • The Planning Service is a Government body that is concerned with the principle of whether you should build at all within the structure of Planning Policy. They are concerned about overall development densities, usage and appearance.
  • Building Control is a Council Service. It checks if the building is to be constructed to current standards. It is a service based on practical considerations.

If told by a builder, that you do not need either of these approvals, phone the Planning Service or the Council and make sure. Don't proceed on the word of a person looking for work. Also as the legislation is constantly changing ill informed opinions can often be out of date. ALWAYS CHECK!! Proceeding without proper approvals could be a very expensive mistake involving enforcement notices and Court.

Employ an Architect, or other qualified person.

  • Architects design the building and how it is constructed. The builder works off our design, thought some like to pretend otherwise.
  • You are about to make a large investment so why base it on a design produced by someone with little experience, or few relevant qualifications?
  • The main cost is the build, and not the design. Poor design produces poor build.

Experience does matter when it comes to Architectural design. Whatever the type of home improvement, or house extension Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. can help you achieve your aims.