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Then you are making a major investment. Fundamental to the success of that investment is having a design that works, one that is optomised to your requirements. Saving money on the design can result in additional costs during construction, projects that do not work particularly well, or that fail to take advantage of opportunities. Architects design the house, how it looks, and how it is built. The builder works to the plans, and coordinates the work on site. If the plans do not work, then the builder will be lodging claims for additional work.

It never ceases to amaze us that many think that drawings are just a necessary inconvenience, required to obtain Planning and Building Control Approval. They  will try to minimise the cost by employing people with few, or no, qualifications or people with little experience. This is a major mistake. Do yourself a favour and phone us for a quote before you go down that route.

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House Extensions.

We are experts at the refurbishment and extension of houses and other building types. The expertise needed in refurbishing Victorian buildings, barns, cottages and old farm buildings is very different from those required to design a new office development. We have designed well over a thousand extensions to dwellings. (See some of the attached pages).

Bespoke House Design.

You may be trying to; obtain approval for a replacement dwelling in a rural area, or wish a house designed for a site you are considering buying. The choice of site could have a significant impact on build costs, as may the requirements placed on the development by the Planning Service. Before you start, make sure you are certain as to the type of house you require, the number and size of rooms. This in turn will dictate the suitability of the site.  Think twice before purchasing a site that does not have Planning Approval, or has an approval that has lapsed. Why gamble?

Housing Developments.

We have considerable experience in housing developments on green field sites, and infill projects. The Practice has more experience than most in the rehabilitation of existing houses, apartment developments, and changes of use. With housing developments, in addition to design and construction considerations, there is a need to coordinate services and road adoptions.


Choosing the right builder matters. You need to employ one that is reputable, is solvent and carries out work the same size as your project. Then there are considerations regarding the duration of the contract, when the builder gets paid, what exactly is included in the contract, are there retentions, defects periods etc.? Mistakes will result in additional costs. if you don't know the construction industry, and do not know the builder's modus operandi, then it may be worth considering employing us to obtain tenders, monitor work on site and certify payment to the builder.