Feasibility studies and Visualisations.

Feasibility studies ad Architectural visualisations are useful tools. Many clients employ us to either evaluate the development potential of a site, or alternative proposals for a building. These feasibility studies are compiled using our knowledge of legislation and building codes. We draw on our experience to produce proposals. These proposals enable clients to make informed decisions. In any major investment this is a prudent first stage, and such work can be carried out before the purchase of a property.

Other clients require us to compile presentational material and Architectural Visualisations. These can assist with marketing and sales, or to help attract investors.

Most people are not as conversant at reading plans as Architects. Many clients require visualisations so that they can fully comprehend what is proposed. This material can be relatively simple in style to help visualise the proposal, or it can be more complex involving flyovers of the proposed development. A project can be shown in its proper context with surrounding buildings and landscape. The more realistic the visualisation the longer it takes to produce. What we produce depends on your requirements and budget.

Below are a few miscellaneous examples of basic, cost effective visualisations, and schematic layouts for feasibility studies. If you go to the services index there will be additional examples posted by project.

Hotel, Retail, Sports development Co. Antrim

Feasibility study for a sporting centre of excellence, incorporating, hotel, camp sites, retail development, workshops, wild life habitat conservation and Sports stadium, tracks and ancillary facilities.

Antrim Architects Sixt Car Rental Aldergrove Co. Antrim Feasibility study

Sixt Car Rental, Aldergrove, Co. Antrim.

Antrim Architects Apartments Portstewart Co. Londonderry

Apartments, Portstewart, Co. Londonderry,

Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. Eco Business Park Poole Dorset Feasibility Study

Eco Business Park, Poole, Dorset.

Antrim Atchitects Indoor Sports Centre Randalstown Co. Antrim

Rural Community Resource, Randalstown, Co. Antrim.