A.L.D.A. Architects Belfast Drupal site.


Currently an utter nightmare!! You would think that in this day and age, CMS programs would consider WYSIWYG as a necessity? Also you would perhaps expect loading groups of nested modules all at once to give a working application as being logical, or even just as a possible option. Well Drupal is heading in that direction, but in the here and now you load each module, one at a time, install it, configure, clear cache etc. You would not believe the number of modules you need for say news feeds. As for the WYSIWYG end, basically there is a module of that name that links to libraries of other modules, and that is only the start of it. However I think that will be addressed in Version 8.

That said there is a good and a very active support  base. Given the complexity and variety of modules I uploaded there were few patches required. Indeed most of the problems arose with apps (they are not quite there yet). Also some of the modules such as CTools are so commonly used that I wonder why they are not part of the core? You can easily uninstall, if not wanted. 

Using a standard template you could set up a simple site fairly quickly. However you are going to endure initial pain as this CMS can do just about anything, and is therefore complex. 

A few improvements on the user interface end and it has the makings of a very sound CMS.