Architectural visualisation Decora Offices, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.

A.L.D.A. Architects Commercial Development Projects.

Commercial Development is either focused on;

  • return on investment;

  • designing to meet the needs of the business, or;

  • projecting the image of a business.

To some extent these criteria are interlinked, but the emphasis are markedly different for developers than it is for owner occupiers. Employing Architects at an early stage can assist in achieving more accurate financial projections, and also help in avoiding many of the less obvious pitfalls in relation to the labyrinth of legislation.We have worked for Brett Martin, PIPS Charities, Monkstown Community Forum, and our projects include the Adair Arms, Corrs Corner, The Arches, The Dunsilly Hotel and many more.

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Architect designed factory for Tradewood, Duncrue, Belfast, County Antrim.

We have subdivided Commercial Developments into the following categories, which can be accessed from the menu, or via the embedded links below.

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Architect designed Industrial storage units, Lisburn Co. Antrim.