Bespoke Houses

A.L.D.A. Architects House Design.

We have designed numerous houses across Northern Ireland. The service we offer can be the bare minimum for those with limited budget, or we can detail all the finishes, tile patterns, ironmongery, provide visualisations etc, It depends on your requirements and budget.

Balcony of dwelling Jordanstown, Newtownabbey, County Antrim.

The Practice can:

  • design a modern house.

  • deliver an energy efficient dwelling,

  • convert a  barn or other farm buildings into a dwelling.

  • create a house that looks like a traditional farm dwelling.

  • design a dwelling to infill between existing buildings even in awkward, irregular spaces;

  • design warehouse homes;

  • design an industrialised pod;

  • convert buildings into houses including listed buildings and buildings in Conservation Areas;

  • apply for planning permission for dwellings in the countryside. (PPS 21);

  • produce internal and external  visualisations.

So whatever you aspire to live in, be it traditional, modern, classical, Gothic, grunge or steam punk in style phone us and we will try to surprise. Keep in mind that behind all styles buildings are fundamentally practical. The structure, the services and the spaces must work. To coordinate properly requires a lot of pre-planning and supervision. When it comes to building be sure that all your requirements are encompassed before any builder prices or starts work on site. 

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Purpose built dwelling, Moira, County Down.

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General Advice for anyone building a new house.

  1. Take time to draw up a schedule of what you require. This is more difficult than you may think. What are your hobbies, what storage do you need? What size of rooms? Do you have specific furniture that needs to be accommodated, a piano, snooker table, large Victorian tables or wardrobes? Do you need quiet areas? Is sound insulation important? The list is endless, but take time and consider.
  2. Plan ahead. If you are retiring you may some day require a lift, where will it go? Families and children grow, parents age. Try and predict possible future needs.
  3. Flexibility. Always have some means by which you can extend or alter if the need arises.
  4. Be realistic with the budget and allow for contingencies that are unforeseen. Nothing is worse than a house you cannot afford to finish.
  5. Have your finance in place before you start.
  6. It is easy to be seduced by expensive finishes and fixtures, but the money to pay for them has to be earned. So what is more important, a £10,000 cooker or more free time with the children?
  7. Chose your site with care. There may be Planning restrictions, or the ground conditions may add to build costs. Get professional help early.
  8. Don't try self build unless you know what you are doing, or are employing a foreman who does. Builders work for their profit. Managing work on a building site takes time, and it will have a serious impact on your normal work.
  9. Get proper contract documents and tenders. In most cases it saves money in the long run, and it can reduce stress.
  10. Your house is about you, your requirements and the needs of your family. Choosing designs from a magazine may be a starting point, but it is unlikely to result in a satisfactory final result.
House near Moira Co. ArmaghHouse designed A.L.D.A. Architects Whitehead. County Antrim.

Dwelling Jordanstown, Newtownabbey, County Antrim.

Supervision of construction. New dwelling Crumlin Co. Antrim

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