Behaviour and respect.

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Behaviour and respect.

To function effectively, any community needs to have rules. We have tried to make the rules simple, straightforward and easy to follow. If any aspect is not clear, please consult with one of our staff.

Remember that this site may be open to all age groups, religious beliefs, political views, and nationalities.

    1) Behaviour: Our first and most important rule of behaviour is:
- The above rule applies everywhere on the site (especially the forums and blogs).
- All aspects of our behaviour here must be respectful towards one another. If you are not sure whether you can say or do something, then either don't do so or ask a staff member.
Please note that if a staff member does have to correct you, it could be with a warning, a disabled account or a ban. Staff decisions are not open for discussion.

    2) IP Address: Do not create more than one account per person or per IP address. Members, who share the same IP address, must share the same account.
- If we see 2 or more accounts on 1 IP address, all accounts on that IP address will be disabled and blocked.
- If we notice more than one account for any one member, that members account will be disabled and may receive a permanent ban.

  3.) Language:  We need a basis of communication so the primary language of the site is ENGLISH. If your English is poor, do not worry we will try to help. We fully understand as our Polish or Russian is non existent.  The use of any other language openly on the site or in irc is only permitted in exceptional circumstances and must involve a member of staff's agreement/involvement in the first instance. (Obviously, it is quite in order for you to PM one another on a personal basis in another language!)

  4.) Self promotion and marketing: Aggressive self promotion is banned. Obviously if you have a particular skill, or run a business we gain by knowing who you are, what you do and the business you work for. However attempts at product placement will result in a ban. If in doubt do contact us directly.