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A.L.D.A. Architects County Down.

If you have done a search for Bangor Architects or Castlereagh Architects you are in the right place. This Practice works across Belfast, Castlereagh and County Down. We have designed numerous house extensions, and bespoke dwellings, as well as hotels, guest houses, nursing homes, offices and industrial units. We don't specialise. So phone us, if you require the services of an Architect, and you work, or live in;

  • Bangor,

  • Newtownards,       

  • Downpatrick,

  • Banbridge,

  • Castlereagh,

  • Newcastle,

  • Newry,

  • Hillsborough,

  • Saintfield,

  •  or anywhere else in County Down and into County Armagh,

We are often out on site, or at meetings. It is essential to phone for an appointment.

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Initial on site meeting is FREE!

It is part of the practices policy to try to offer free consultation at your home, or business. This applies in most areas, even those locations distant from the office, if we can fit in the appointment with other on going work. We also work flexible hours, and commonly hold meetings in the evening, or at weekends to suit your timetable.

In the current economic climate cost considerations are to the fore. It is important to stress that there is a difference between cheap drawings produced by someone who may not be qualified, or experienced,  and a value for money service. We have all experienced the cheap, but useless accessory. Design and drawings are no different. Indeed it is worse, for if you employ people who have little experience or ability you will have serious problems, and the eventual cost of making good could be considerable. There is also the possible problem that those producing the drawings are receiving referral commissions from builders. Who then are they actually working for, you or the builder? 

It takes time to design and produce proper working drawings, and contract documents. That said, we do believe that the services we offer will compare favourably with those offered by other Bangor Architects, Castlereagh Architects or other designers in County Down. We offer experience, and genuinely believe our service is value for money. Also we do give candid advice, even if that advice may appear to be against our own interests. We do not try to persuade clients into committing to work as they are making a major financial decisions, and be in no doubt we work to secure the interests of our clients not the builders.

It is worth noting that the practice has considerable experience when it comes to infill developments. We are expert at the renovation of old, derelict and dilapidated buildings and urban regeneration projects.


A.L.D.A. Architects,
243 Cregagh Road,
Fax: 028 90776457

Tel: 028 90778090.

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