Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. Architectural Services.

Flexible Architectural Services.

Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. tailor the services offered to what you require. For some clients visualisations and graphics are essential, but for others they are pointless frivolities. Similarly some may require us to obtain tenders, monitor the progress of work on site and certify payments. Others may only require working drawings and statutory approvals. Much depends on your budget, what you require, and indeed the nature of the work involved. Many projects require the input and agreement of numerous statutory bodies and service providers. Obtaining these is well beyond the abilities of most people. The constant increase in legislation, and fragmentation of administration, has unfortunately created a situation where it is essential to employ experienced professionals.

A.L.D.A. (Architectural & Landscape Design Associates) was founded in 1984 and is an established practice of Belfast Architects and Landscape Architects. We are eager to work on projects across Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Ireland and beyond if required. Be assured we do not try to talk ourselves into work that is unnecessary, quite the opposite, as we are generally fully employed.

Architects, and other designers, are crucial to the success of any building project. They design the building and how it is built. The Architect's role is pivotal. Whilst it is important to obtain the services of a competent builder, their role is secondary, as they construct what the Architect has designed, specified and detailed. Generally it is best to contact an Architect before you phone builders and contractors. Unless you have drawings and contract documents for the builder to price you are probably wasting his time.


  • Appraise proposals..
  • Identify constraints.
  • Outline costings.
  • Approvals required.
  • Project duration.
Financial feasible? 

Design Stage & Planning Application.

  • Organise a survey.
  • Provide sketch designs.
  • Carry out initial feasibility appraisal.
  • Produce design drawings.
  • Submit planning applications.
  • Advise on the need of other consultants. (larger projects)
Survey & Design

Production Information & Working Drawings.

  • Produce working drawings.
  • Lodge Building Control applications.
  • Produce Schedules and specifications.
  • Compile tender documents.
Specifications, contract, tender documents.

Obtain Tenders.

  • Issue invitation and compile a list of contractors with suitable experience.
  • Produce tender documents.
  • Obtain and appraise tenders.
  • Produce contract documents.
Building Contract 

Construction Phase.

  • Monitor the work on site during construction.
  • Organise site meetings.
  • Monitor variations, cost implications and issue instructions.
  • Certify payments due to the contractor.
  • Issue certificates for banks and building societies.
  • Monitor defects and snagging.
  • Certify the work on completion.
Site supervision 

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