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We aim to create a site that helps you understand the complex field of Construction, Planning and all the various regulations and statutory bodies involved. There are many unqualified people, giving erroneous advice. Often what they say is driven by self interest. If in doubt do contact us. We don't mind a few phone calls

With the help of others we had hoped that this site could be a resource for everyone. However we have had that many spammers trying to post up all manner of nonsense, from cheap medicine to dating agencies, that we have had to stall such thoughts. We just do not have the free time to monitor the posts of the irresponsible, so we have closed comments and registration on this site not possible unless we know you. We regret this, but after spending hours deleting schemes to get rich quick and links to porn sites we decided to simply delete most of the forums. We will however revisit this at some later date.

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At present the section of the site is being redesigned and it will take a while to make it fully functional again.