House Extension this spring or summer?

House Extension this Spring or Summer?

House extension, home improvements this summer?

Spring has started and summer will soon be with us.

So if you are planning a modern kitchen extension, an additional bedroom, a loft conversion or any other building work you need to apply for Planning and Building Control Approval NOW!

The approvals needed vary for project to project, but commonly the ones you may need are;

  • Planning Approval;
  • Building Control Approval;
  • Building over agreement (for shared sewers).

Generally it takes the Planning Service a minimum of three months to process applications, and you also have to allow time for builders to tender, and to start work on your house. Some of you may require loans to financet the work, and these can take time to arrange. Interestingly some builders and kitchen suppliers can arrange these loans for you subject to your status. (It is important to note that it is no longer just the large, well known, retail outlets that do this.)

If you need any advice, on the approvals you may need, or on building matters generally, remember we offer free consultation, and we will gladly assist you if we can. So why not pick up the phone and ring 07769225997. (Evening and weekend calls are considered normal).

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