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House Extensions & Home Improvements.

Has your home become just too small to accommodate a growing family and other demands? If so, you may either need to extend your home or move to another house.

The main advantage of extending, and improving your home, over moving, is probably the reduction in social disruption. Your children remain in their existing schools, and they retain contact with their friends. If you have good neighbours, local friends and are members of nearby clubs and groups all this is retained.

There are also the financial aspects to consider. Will the cost of the extension, if soundly constructed, add value to your home, or will it simply enhance the quality of your life. Is the purpose of the work financial or otherwise? If you move there are considerable costs, Solicitors, Estate Agents, stamp duty, the cost of moving furniture, and often when you arrive in your new home redecoration costs.

An extension to your home may be the only viable option, especially if there is a considerable difference between the price of your current house and a larger one. Or your needs may be quite specific, such as accommodating an elderly, and frail, relative, in which case finding a suitable house will be difficult . In such cases extending and modifying your house is probably the only viable option.  

At Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. we have designed extensions of all styles and sizes, from modest kitchen and bedroom extensions to additions that are comparable to the size of the existing house. Our design is dictated by your requirements and budget. We do not ourselves seek to turn your house into an architectural statement, for our own aggrandisement, unless you yourself wish a bold and modern solution. There are advantages and disadvantages the open plan, the minimalist, and the modern.

Our approach is a combination of the practical, and an insight through decades of experience. We are likely to see solutions that you have overlooked, and can often offer better and simpler solutions to your needs. We measure your house, and produce outline designs and options to help you evaluate the possibilities. These can easily be amended until a satisfactory solution is achieved. We advise you, on costs, planning policy and the building regulations, and lodge your applications. We can recommend builders, and monitor the work on site on your behalf, if that is your wish. Our service is tailored to your requirements.

Whatever your needs, be it a loft conversion, a retirement annex, a new bedroom or kitchen extension, or restructuring your dwelling to modernise and improve the building’s energy efficiency, we can assist.

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