Employ an Architect, why risk the unknown, or the unqualified?

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All building is a substantial investment, so it is important to employ properly qualified people to ensure that the work is sound. A badly designed scheme is a poor investment.

To become an Architect a person must train for a minimum of 7 years.  It is the only building profession that requires this standard of training. All architects are listed with the Architects Registration Board. http://www.arb.org.uk/ If a person is not listed there, they are not an Architect, no matter what they may claim. As a requirement of being listed any practicing Architect must also take out indemnity insurance. Note that there are many who produce drawings, who are poorly qualified, lack experience and who do not carry any form of insurance. So if you wish to employ an Architect check the persons qualifications.

The role of an Architect is to put flesh to your vision and aspirations, by designing the building you require. They then obtain the necessary approvals, produce production drawings and tender documents, and manage your interests, during the construction of the project.

The expertise of an Architect can save you costs and add value to the proposed project.

It is usually wise to seek the advice of an Architect before approaching any builders, as builders cannot offer a proper estimate of costs prior to the project being designed and drawn. Also the Architect may be able to recommend competent builders.

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