Monkstown Community Project, Jordanstown Road, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim.House extension Crawfordsburn - Bangor, North Down.Adair Arms Hotel, Ballymena, Co. AntrimHousing Development, Antrim Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim.Industrial storage units, Belfast Harbour Estate, Co. Down.Corrs Corner Hotel, Glengormley, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim.

Community development project, Monkstown Community Project, Jordanstown Road, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim.

Extension to dwelling Crawfordsburn - Bangor, North Down..

Adair Arms Hotel, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.

Housing development, Antrim Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim.

Industrial storage units, Belfast Harbour Estate, Co. Down.

Various extensions to Corrs Corner, Glengormley, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim.

A.L.D.A. Belfast Architects.

Reasons to employ Belfast Architects A.L.D.A.

We are Belfast Architects, Landscape Architects and Architectural Technologists.

The role of all Architects is to design a building, that serves your requirements, and which is within your budget. Design matters. Many buildings are the public image of your business, and good layout aids business efficiency. 

We work for you, not the builder, nor any supplier. Our prime role is to protect your interests. 

Use our expertise. We can advise you on the feasibility of your intended project, be that alterations of existing buildings or new developments. We can assist you with the appointment of other consultants, with contract documents, tendering, and monitoring the progress of work on site.

Financial control is always important. In that context it is essential to ensure that your drawings, and tender documents, are as thorough as possible. Architects. design the layout, appearance and construction of your building. The builder, or contractor, follows that design. Their price is based on the tender documents produced. 

Design and Build Option. We can help you with design and build options.

Employ qualified professionals. Architects are the profession most trained, and qualified, to design your office, the factory you work in, your home and even the modest house extension. It takes a minimum of seven years training to become an Architect. When they qualify they are regulated by the Architect's Registration Board.

It is a prosecutable offense to use the title unless registered (and thus qualified). Despite this there are many who claim to be Architects, but are not qualified to do so. All Architects in the UK are listed by the Architects Registration Board. If someone is not listed there then they are not an Architect. For Chartered Architectural Technologists visit CIAT. Importantly make sure they are chartered (MCIAT).

Buildings are major investments.  Employ properly qualified professionals, you know it makes sense.

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Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. Architects in Belfast

   Belfast Architects A.L.D.A.

    - design buildings of all sizes and types.

    - work outside normal office hours to suit your working day.

    - can be contacted by mobile weekends and evenings.

A.L.D.A. Antrim Architects Newtownabbey House Extension


  • House Extension.

  • Loft Conversion.

  • Design and alter for disabled use.

  • Granny flats.

  • Renovations & repairs.

  • Additional bedrooms.

  • Kitchens & Bathrooms.

  • Living Rooms redesigned.

  • House design.

  • PPS 21 applications for new dwellings.

  • Housing Developments.

  • Apartment developments.

  • Upgrading Houses in multiple occupancy.

Commercial & Community.

  • Retail & office refurbishment.

  • Credit Unions & Banks.

  • Change of use applications.

  • New build office accommodation.

  • Industrial units & Factories.

  • Storage Sheds & Agricultural Buildings.

  • Commercial & Retail developments.

  • Hotels.

  • Guest Houses & Hostels.

  • Public Houses.

  • Restaurants.

  • License Applications.

  • Cafes.

  • Fast Food Outlets.

  • Community Projects.

  • Sports Clubs.

  • Church Design

  • Health Care.

  • Surgeries.

  • Nursing Homes.

  • Renovation of listed buildings.

  • Work in Conservation Areas,

  • Work in ASSIs.

Belfast Architects Antrim Architects Newtownabbey Architects visualisation of office entrance.


When you employ Belfast Architects A.L.D.A. you are engaging qualified professionals. We do not employ unqualified backroom staff.

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Opening Times -

Planning Approval House extension Lisburn.

Full Planning Approval obtained for extension to dwelling Dalboyne Park, Lisburn.

Retail and Residential Development East Belfast

Outline Planning Approval obtained for Ground Floor retail with apartments over on the Woodstock Road. This development will add much needed residential accommodation and help regenerate the area.

Northern Ireland Planning Service support Air Source Heat Pumps?

Planning Service NI promote Air Source heat pumps?


Welcomed announcement by Environment Minister?

Below is an edited press release from the Planning Service.

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan announced that  from 10th March 2014, home owners will no longer need planning permission for installing, altering or replacing air source heat pumps in homes.

House Extension this spring or summer?

House Extension this Spring or Summer?

House extension, home improvements this summer?

Spring has started and summer will soon be with us.

So if you are planning a modern kitchen extension, an additional bedroom, a loft conversion or any other building work you need to apply for Planning and Building Control Approval NOW!

The approvals needed vary for project to project, but commonly the ones you may need are;

House Extension | Belfast Architects | Home Improvements

" House extension Belfast Architects, don't forget the central heating."

House Extensions & Home Improvements.

Has your home become just too small to accommodate a growing family and other demands? If so, you may either need to extend your home or move to another house.

The main advantage of extending, and improving your home, over moving, is probably the reduction in social disruption. Your children remain in their existing schools, and they retain contact with their friends. If you have good neighbours, local friends and are members of nearby clubs and groups all this is retained.

Employ an Architect, why risk the unknown, or the unqualified?

Shop Randalstown Co. Antrim Belfast Architects A.L.D.A.

All building is a substantial investment, so it is important to employ properly qualified people to ensure that the work is sound. A badly designed scheme is a poor investment.

Belfast Housing. An increase in renovation necessary.

House Extesion Belfast.

Renovation of existing property in NI must be a priority if a major housing shortage is to be avoided. Currently there are only meagre grants available for repairs. These grants are means tested. There are also grants to improve the thermal efficiency of dwellings. For many both forms of assistance would be of benefit.